Will Morony-AAMT CEO

A word from our CEO, Will Morony

AAMT has prepared this exciting initiative that I hope you will be keen to be a part of. The Connect with Maths ~ Maths in Action community is an online professional learning community that focusses on applications of mathematics and mathematical modelling. These communities are designed to provide information, resources and, most importantly, for teachers and others to have professional discussions about important areas of mathematics teaching.

As I am sure you are aware, many teachers express a desire to use more applications in their teaching of mathematics. They want their students to appreciate the value and usefulness of mathematics, and to be better able to use their mathematics in their lives. Similarly, current syllabus and curriculum documents emphasise applications as well. The new Connect with Maths ~ Maths in Action community is a response to this. It aims to tap the knowledge of the profession to inform and support each other. It will be a space for sharing and debate among those who see this as an important area.

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