The Tour provides an overview of the main areas of activity for members in the Maths in Action ~ Applications and Modelling community.


The Maths in Action ~ Applications and Modelling community program aims to enhance the knowledge and confidence of all educators teaching mathematics in primary and secondary schools and includes opportunities for teacher networking, professional learning activities and resources.

Community Leaders

The Maths in Action ~ Applications and Modelling Community Leaders help nurture the community by mentoring, encouraging sharing and building confidence in members to participate actively in Forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are drawn from Forum discussion or responses to member queries. Please send your questions to stating the Connect with Maths community you belong to.


The Forum is the main hub for interactive discussions.

Starting Points

A Starting Point is an image or video used as stimulus material for members to discuss key issues in teaching mathematical applications and modelling. A new Starting Point will be featured on the home page on a regular basis.


The Resource section provides professional reading and support documents for the teaching of Applications and Modelling.


This area is for community online professional learning.

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