A range of activities to develop mathematical modelling.

Fermi problems

Enrico Fermi - sm

Enrico Fermi, the Nobel Laureate for Physics in 1938, was known for his ability to make good approximate calculations with little or no actual data – hence the problem type named after him.

Computer based activities


Computer based mathematics activities for teachers, developed by the Wolfram team.

Pulsars in the Mathematics Classroom


Let's do real world mathematics
These documents are activities contributed by Stephen Broderick to augment the webinar session, 'Pulsars in the Mathematics Classroom' 

Mathematica Activities


These Mathematica files are used with Year 11 contributed by Miles Ford.

Some activities are basically pure content to assist students with Mathematica, others instructional and interactive. To view these files you will need to download the free cdf viewer.

Mathematica Activities 2

Wolfram Mathematica icon

These activities are Mathematica starting points to familiarise students with the functions and possibilities with Mathematica.  

Maths Applied Investigations

M and Ms

Not all learning should take place at a desk with a book and a pen. Enquiry, investigation and interpretation are important elements of the study of any subject. Investigations which involve active participation, the collection of ‘real world’ data, or, the analysis of a real world problem, result in higher levels of student engagement.

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