Big Book of Numbers

Big Book of Numbers

My geeky life - one man’s love of maths

Mary Coupland interviews Adam Spencer about his mathematical life and her favourite numbers in Adam's best-selling book.

The Presenters                       

Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer Adam Spencer has a passion for mathematics. He is the author of  Big Book of Numbers and has a PhD in Pure Mathematics from the University of Sydney. Adam is a radio presenter, comedian, and media personality. He first came to fame when he won his round of the comedic talent search Raw Comedy in the mid-1990s. Soon thereafter, he began working at Triple J, on mid-dawn and drive shifts before hosting the Triple J Breakfast Show with Wil Anderson.

Adam is an ambassador for mathematics and science and the patron of science-related events and programs at the University of Sydney, supporting the Eureka Prize, a "lateral-thinking" science award.  He is a member of the Sleek Geek Week tour along with Karl Kruszelnicki, as well as performing his own comedy at events around the country.

Mary Coupland                       

Mary Coupland is the current President of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers. Mary has a passion for teaching mathematics based on the firm belief that all students can be motivated and supported to achieve and need not be left behind due to special needs, interruptions to study, family circumstances, or even a past history of low success. She makes it her mission to explain the uses of mathematics in a wide variety of fields, and is well known for presenting interesting lectures and courses that challenge students to think. She currently teaches first year mathematics at University of Technology Sydney, and also is the Director of the UTS Mathematics Study Support Centre.

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My geeky like - one man’s love of maths

'Big Book of Numbers' professional learning session presented by Adam Spencer and Mary Coupland.

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